Mounty Yarns

Type: Documentary Short (24min)

Year: 2023

Camera: Arri Amira, Sony FX6, Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro

Mounty Yarns was produced and led by the Aboriginal young people of Mount Druitt.


MountyYarns is a youth-led project that gathers the stories, expertise, and knowledge by and with Aboriginal young people with lived experience of the criminal justice system and the impact it has on them and their families. 

Mounty Yarns reflects the experiences, strengths and resilience of young Aboriginal people living in Mt Druitt and the changes and solutions they want to see in order to create a better future for their families and communities. 

"These stories show the challenges of growing up in Mt Druitt which leads to the overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people and the lack of youth voice in decision making. We want to be a voice so others don’t have to keep repeating their stories." 

“We present these yarns to you and ask that you listen and hear our truths. We hope that you hear our solutions and back us to make change.” - Terleaha Williams and Isaiah Sines

See below the Mounty Yarns film trailer (4K Output) and full film (4K Output). 

We (the production team) acknowledge the Dharawal People whose land we walked on for this filming. 

We pay our respects to their Elders past, present & emerging.

Mounty Yarns was produced and led by the Aboriginal young people of Mount Druitt.


Isaiah, Terleaha, Tama, Craig, Dillon, Lucas, Brenden, Chrissy, Arthur, Chooky, Codey, David, Dean, Dougie, Elijah, Ethan, Gormo, Hampo, Lionel, Moseley, Nucky, Native Son’s OzTag team

Directed/Edited: Benny Edwards

Cinematography: Zac Hardaker 

Music/Sound: Papertoy 

Trailer Edit: Tristan O'Donnell 

Colourist: Jarryd Hall CSI 

Sound Recordist: Oliver Brighten 

Portrait Photography: Tristan Stefan Edouard 

Additional Camera Operators: Emma Elias, Bebi Zekirovski, Benny Edwards

Special Thanks: 

Daniel Daylight, Julie Williams, Nicole Mekler, Lucy Tierney, Jess Brown, Eric Brown, Blake Tatafu, Lizzie May, Kerinne Jenkins, James Clifford, Focused Productions, Just Reinvest NSW and with special thanks to our dedicated interns + volunteers, The Mental Health Commission, VivCourt Trading, The Paul Ramsay Foundation, Kimberwalli, Dusseldorp Forum. 

Production: BC Film Aus 

Client: Just ReInvest 

Audience & Screenings: 

MY Film | Trailer (2min) – 22k+ organic views on social media.

MY Film | Short Documentary (24min) – 2.7k+ organic views on YouTube.

MY Film Screening Launch Event, Kimberwalli. Approx. 700 attendees. 

Mounty Yarns Screening with NSW Children’s Court Magistrates

Mounty Yarns Screening with 100+ NSW Justice Health Professionals

Mounty Yarns Screening of the film trailer at TEDxSydney Youth Event (with a performance by Elijah afterwards).

Mounty Yarns Film Screening/Q&A with Paul Ramsey Foundation at Yirranma Place

Short Term Impact of Mounty Yarns Film: 

~ Young people are feeling listened to and empowered to create change.

~ Community members are backing young people to be leading the change they want to see.

~ Young people and community have been able to secure funding to further implement programs and projects young people want for their community. 

~ Young people have been employed to advocate with the film and written Mounty Yarns resources. 

~ The Mount Druitt community, government, & services have gained a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of young people in Mount Druitt, & have changed the way they look at young people in Mount Druitt. 

~ Other young people in Mount Druitt have been inspired to speak up & advocate for their community. 

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